Patient Relationship Management

Most of us know customer relationship management (CRM) as a Business-Business tool that supports marketing, sales and service teams to generate leads, close deals and provide service with customer satisfaction. In the last few years, the new trend in consumer relationship management that connects providers with consumers, which is a huge growing market. This market is growing further as the income levels of millennials grow. According Goldman Sachs study, the number of millennials in United States is 93 million. Millennials is the largest demographic group in United States that surpassed the baby boomers. The way millennials work, play and procure services is influencing the CRM as we known. The classic examples of new business to consumer CRM applications are
Uber, Lyft and Ola (India) that connects cars/taxis and riders;
Peer-to-Peer payment services such as PayPal, Square Cash, and Google Wallet that connects businesses with consumers for various payment services.
The list goes on…
Now the trend is catching up with healthcare providers. Patient Relationship Management has become focus of many providers. Those insured never cared about the costs of health care, as it never really affected their pocketbooks. However, Obama care, shift of the significant cost of health care premiums to employees by companies and shrinking middle case changed that. Insured now have to pay significant co-pays, and out of pocket expenses. A visit to emergency room could cost as much as $500 in Obama care.
Doctor-On-Demand (www.doctorondemand.com), www.mdproactive.com , www.teladoc.com, www.mdlive.com , and www.memd.me : The patient and doctor relationship management allows patients to access doctor on-demand 24/7 via video or phone call for a fee of $40 to $50 for a 15 min consultation. They also accept health insurance if one has a great insurance that costs less than $40 in co-pays. They have a mobile App. You can get doctor’s advice from the comfort of your home when your 5 year old wakes you up in the middle of the night with a severe ear pain. Before this service, your options are rush to an urgent care or emergency if you are very concerned or wait until morning to get an appointment with a pediatrician. For most non-emergency healthcare, this service offers a great benefit and lowers the out of pocket expenses. www.americanwell.com and www.fshealth.com are in a different league. They provide tele medicine as part of employee benefits offered by an employer in addition to the patients directly.
Automation on Doctor’s office visits.
DOCASAP (www.docasap.com): Aggregator of providers, provider search by patient needs appointment scheduling, loyalty and analytics. They provide private labeling for providers.
ZocDoc (www.zocdoc.com): Marc Benioff and Jeff Bezos are the prominent investors in ZocDoc. ZocDoc like DOCSAP enable provider search, appointment scheduling and social listening. ZocDoc matches the providers by your insurance provider. I believe they don’t provide private labeling to providers.
Doctible( www.doctible.com) : It provides scheduling services, rebooking of cancelled appointments , social listening for providers. The patients of doctible providers are asked for feedback at the end of an appointment. They let the patient choose the feedback to be posted directly on FB, Yelp etc. if the rating is 4 or more.
However, they would channel the patient feedback to the doctor’s office for resolution if patient’s ratings were 3 or less. They don’t provide an option to post the feedback to the social channels immediately. Doctible provides a vent to the unsatisfied patient and gives an opportunity to the provider to address the concerns before it hits the social channel. Of course, patient could always go to the social channels directly. I believe this app provides an opportunity to improve patient and doctor relationship.

So next time, when there is a non-emergency medical need in the middle of the night don’t panic. Call the tele medicine providers.

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