How to invite users to join Mogo CRM

The first person that signed onto Mogo CRM is assigned as a super administrator of the domain. The super admin will sign the billing agreement with PayPal, which comes with 30-day free trial if you sign up for a premium version. Otherwise it is always free.

The first user or the super admin  invites new users to join your domain on Mogo CRM  by sending the invitation from the smartphone  or from Mogo CRM web App.

From the smartphone

Go to settings and   go to Invite  and   Click on User Invitation

User invitation

Enter the email id of the person that you would like to invite and then click on “Invite”

From the Mogo CRM Web App

Login to play.mogocrm.com and go to Settings à  Click on Users and click on “Add”

Enter the email ids of the persons that you would like to invite and click “Save”.

Mogo CRM _ User Settings

Mogo CRM send the invited users an email with a link to setup their account on  Mogo CRM.
The users would show up in the active users list after their account is activated by following the links.

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