“Fake it till you make it?”

These days there is so much of talk on “Fake News” both by the  media and the President.

I googled to find how much are the netizens living by the truth or Fake.   I researched on Career, family and personal life and here are the Google results. It seems there is lot of demand for  services that would create fake resumes and other fake goods and services !   See to yourself by Googling the same key words!


What is fake?


Fake Resume

Fake Resumes

Fake Credentials to get a job:

Fake Credentials

Fake LinkedIn Recommendations:

Fake LinkedIn Recommendations


Fake Job References:

Fake Employment References

Replica Goods:

Replica clothing


Fake Jewelry:

Fake Jewelery1

Fake meat:

Fake Meat

Fake orgasm:

Fake Orgasm


Faking it:

Faking it

Fake love: 

Fake Love


Fake family:

Fake Family


and finally , the raise of fake daddies :

Fake Daddy






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