Capture leads from the web, & landing pages into Mogo CRM real time

Mogo CRM provides an effective tool to capture leads from any digital media campaigns that you are running by following the following simple steps

Caution :  The user must have marketing admin role to run the following steps

Login to play.mogocrm.com with your credentials.

Setup your products and Services:   Setup the products and services for which you are planning to run a digital campaign such as Email, Facebook, Google AdWords etc. if not already done.  Click Add product and the rest is intuitive.



Setup Channels:   Click on Settings and go to Campaign Channels

Here you maintain different digital channels that you would be using for campaigns.  You can maintain color codes for an easy analysis of  campaign performance later.

campaign channels

Campaign setup:


Now, we are ready to setup a snippet that does the magic of dropping the leads into Mogo when someone contacts your company or requests a demon on your website, or from a landing page.

Web forms:  Go to settings menu  and click on Web forms. Click on Create

webform 1

Click “Next”

webform 2

Mogo selects some default fields into the web form for you . You can add more fields into the form by double clicking the field in the right column. You can drag and adjust the order of the fields. Click next to generate the code for the snippet.


web snippet


Now, either you could copy the code to the clipboard if you know how to embed the code in your web page or landing page. You could simply email the code to the web developer that is managing your website or landing pages.

save web form

We suggest creating web form for each of the digital channels in which the campaign is running. This is to analyze which digital channel is generating more leads in comparison.

You all set to receive leads into Mogo CRM.

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