7 Steps to turn business cards into Leads

Business cards still not out of fashion.  We collect business cards in day-to-day business when we meet prospects, partners and customers. This blog is all about how to turn business cards into leads.   I use an App called “CAMCARD” on my iPhone.  There are many card-scanning applications available on App store.  You can explore on App store and find that one that meets your scanning requirements. This App scans the business cards and saves them as contact information into your device. It also provides an option to save the contact info into a group.

You may be thinking what the big deal is. Well, on your smartphone, you can   send an email, text or call the customer, prospect, or contact. However, it is a big deal to create an appointment or recording the calls with your contacts using the native calendar app and there is no way you could record a call activity using your smartphone.

Here Mogo CRM becomes handy in giving 100% mobility with ease and convenience.    Mogo CRM allows you to synchronize contacts from your smartphone with many options. See the image below.

Contact settings

As you see, user could synchronize all contacts or groups of contacts if user maintains the groups or select a set of contacts from your device to synchronize into Mogo CRM App.   Mogo CRM creates a group called “Mogo CRM” automatically when a user selects “Sync selected contacts”


The following options are available to synchronize the business cards info to Mogo CRM App when a user scans a business card using card scanner app

1)  Save to “All Contacts”  “when sync all contacts “option is selected

2) save to “the group” you selected to sync from device to the Mogo CRM App.

This is how you turn business cards into leads!


3) Select save to “Mogo CRM” group when “sync selected contacts” option is used.

Now the business card  information is in your pocket and available for further processing …

Mogo CRM creates a contact record and company record with reference to single contact record from your device. This allows you to enter or update contacts related to the same company quickly.

Contact record

User could create a visit or setup a conference call with a single click without the hassles of manual data entry which native calendar app requires.

It gets better!  User could record the incoming and outgoing calls as call activities.  That means user would have glance all the touch points made with a contact in a single view…


phone call

User could add notes such as “requested a demo” or “left voice m ail “etc. to the call for a future reference

Synchronizing contacts from server:  Most business users carry their rolodex   from system to system. Mogo CRM allows importing contacts using a .CSV file.   User has to turn on “Sync Server Contacts “option “on” in the   contact settings in the App. This   synchronizes the contacts and company records from the server to the App and to the device.

User logs in to play.mogocrm.com with the   email id and password.   Then goes to the contacts and simply clicks on import and follows the instructions to import the contacts.

import contacts

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