3 Tips for Connecting All of Your Office Apps to Your Smartphone

Benefits of Using a Mobile CRM App

The last thing anyone wants to bring home is their work. Normally when you clock out, you want to literally CLOCK OUT! But in this case, it could be different. If you own your own business or are in upper management, you may have to keep more tabs of what you do and when you do it. For the most part, the higher your level in management, the more you need to be accessible to anyone on or off the clock. This is also the worst thing about being a salaried employee: you don’t clock out… you are always clocked in!

With this type of availability, you should definitely have everything that you need in the palm of your hands. In this day of technology, almost everyone owns a smart phone. Of course, being in upper management you are more than likely apt to own one yourself. With this being said, anyone and everyone expects you to have that quick accessibility. For this accessibility, here are 3 tips for connecting all of your office apps to your smartphone because no matter what you are looking for, there’s always an app for that.

First of all, the most dependable way to communicate now-a-days is through email. All smartphones currently cover having an email app where you can simply add your email address to the current app. Now, because this is something that can blend in with your personal emails, it may be inconvenient to do so. You always want to keep that separate from your personal emails so that it is not easily confused, by getting a separate email app for it. For the most part, most businesses run with Windows as their main programs. Because of this, Outlook is the email service that you would use and fortunately there is an app for that.

Second, you want to see if there are any apps that give you easy access for purchasing the tools and materials you need for your work. While you are out on the field, you may need to find out what materials our clients are asking for. You can not only offer the availability and accessibility to this material or product, but you can also allow for a time frame to help your clients feel at ease.

And saving the best for last is the most obvious of them all: the app for your business! I mean, why would you not want to keep tabs on your own app? Along with getting any apps for your purchasing pleasure, getting one to look at your app as both an administrator and as a consumer can be useful if any of your clients have any questions while you are in front of them. When and if you ever ask your client if they have downloaded your app, having it on your phone allows you to connect them to proper app by showing them which one is yours, in the case that someone has a business with nearly the same name as yours.

Here at Mogo CRM, we can offer any assistance in obtaining an app for your company. Our IT support and mobile CRM app can help you develop your business further, even for your smart phone. Check us out at http://mogocrm.com/!

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